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My name is Tomasz Gil. 👋 I’m a software engineer focused on problem solving, lifelong learner based in Poznań, Poland.

I graduated from Poznań University of Technology with both an Engineer and Master's degree in Computer Science. During that time, I actively participated in AKAI - a students organization around web technologies, creating applications, sharing knowledge and being a part of the core of the organization.

I had the privilege of working directly with brands like Revofund or Masterhub, designing and creating beautiful, intuitive and functional experiences. I'm currently working remotely at Egnyte as a Frontend Software Engineer.


  • Frontend web development
  • User interface design


  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • React.js, Redux, Gatsby.js
  • Jest, React Testing Library
  • Node.js


Deeply interested in web design and web technologies. Self-taught guitar player and fragrance enthusiast. Always seeking for ways to improve.

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